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Looking for the perfect gift for your significant other? I’ve got you covered! Giving gifts is one of my favorite things to do. A thoughtful gift goes a long way in creating love and positivity in your relationship, especially if your partner’s love language is receiving gifts.

I know, I know, a lot of you probably think Valentine’s Day is a commercial holiday created by flower shops around the nation to sell more roses. While that is a very valid concern, put away your “fight corporate America” badge for a moment and think about how happy your significant other will be when he/she receives a thoughtful gift from you that shows him/her that you put time and effort into making him/her feel special.

If you’re really dead set on rebelling against the pressure to be romantic on a random day in February, do something on the 10th to prove your point. But, do something please =)

Here are some ideas for gifts based on your partner’s specific love language. If you don’t know your partner’s love language (or your own), check out this blog post first.


Give The Gift of Quality Time

To someone whose love language is Quality Time, experiences are more meaningful than things. When you look back on your life, are you going to remember all the gadgets and fun stuff your significant other bought you over the years or are you going to remember the vacations you took and the new things you tried together? Most people say they remember the latter so here are a few suggestions for fun experiences to give your significant other.

  • Tickets to a favorite sporting event
  • Tickets to a play, the opera, a symphony, a musical, Cirque du Soleil show, etc.
  • A weekend (or longer) getaway. Check out Groupon Getaways and LivingSocial Escapes for great travel deals.
  • A cruise – these can be super cheap and easy to plan because they are all inclusive.
  • Lessons to learn something new together – gift a flying lesson, a pottery class, a sip and paint class, a session with a boxing coach…the possibilities are endless!
  • ClassPass – If you and your significant other like to try new workouts or want to get more into fitness, this is a great gift! Click here to get $$ off your 1st month.
  • Gift certificate to a local spa for a couples massage and/or a facial
  • Gift certificate to a favorite restaurant
  • A couples photo shoot – this is a great experience to share together and it leaves you with memories that last a lifetime!
  • Sessions for the 2 of you with a personal trainer, private yoga lessons, etc.


Words of Affirmation

  • Write your partner a love letter
  • Make a list of all the things you love about them
  • Make a sweet social media post about how much you appreciate their presence in your life
  • Give your partner a jar filled with 365 small pieces of paper, each with 1 thing you love about them written on it. One for each day of the year.


Acts of Service

  • Clean the entire house (or hire a cleaning service). If you don’t live together, sneak in and clean his/her entire house
  • Give him/her certificates to redeem for various household chores (e.g. this certificate entitles the holder to request the giver to do the dishes/take out the trash/rake the yard any time it is redeemed)
  • Make his/her favorite meal AND do the dishes
  • You could make this a week of giving by doing many acts of service such as grocery shopping, putting gas in his/her car, washing the car, doing the laundry, etc. The key here is to do these things without being asked


Physical Touch

  • Give your significant other a candlelit massage
  • Give your significant other gift certificates for sexual acts (redeemable at any time)
  • Blindfold your partner and kiss/lick/touch every part of their body from head to toe


Receiving Gifts

This love language isn’t about how much you can spend, it’s about giving something thoughtful that you know matches your partner’s personality or has special meaning to him/her. Many of the gifts below will satisfy other love languages as well. For instance, many of the couples gifts will lead to spending quality time together or physical touch. Check out the gifts below – you are sure to find something for everyone on these lists.


Couples Gifts


These gifts are great for him or for her and were chosen with the goal of bringing you closer together.

Set the mood with these Scented Candles. You can also make it a fun erotic package by including the 50 Shades of Grey movie and the books.

Spend hours talking like you did when you 1st met with the help of these games. Conversation Starters for Husbands & Wives or Table Topics for couples.


Show your romantic side and put these or these flameless timer candles all over the bedroom.


Your partner will love a sexy massage from you!


Give the gift of a sexy game of truth or dare.



Top Gifts For Her:


Infinity jewelry. An infinity sign means forever and you want your wife or girlfriend to know that you will love them forever and ever, right? Good, then check out these awesome finds.

Infinity Ring:

Infinity Necklace:

Infinity Bracelet:

Jewelry with meaning is always better than the standard one size fits all piece. This Mantra band will help you express your true feelings. Choose from one of the many romantic phrases available (i.e. you’re my person, I love you, you’re amazing) or create your own unique message to put on her bracelet.

Mantra band:

Spa/Luxury Items:

If your sweetie is on her feet all day, the Brookstone Shiatsu Foot Massager with Heat will be a great for soothing and relaxing her tired aching feet.



If your sweetie is always complaining of cold feet, these Cozy Microwaveable Slippers will be just the thing she needs to warm them up before getting in bed with you.

Cold hands too? No problem! They also make Microwaveable Mittens!

Bath and Body Works Eucalyptus Spearmint Bath Soak Aromatherapy Bath salts. Relieve stress after a long day with this relaxing aromatherapy bath formulated to provide comfort when she needs it most.



Make sure her towels are extra warm and cozy when she gets out of the shower with this towel warmer.



Curl up in this shawl collared, double belt looped, and machine washable robe that will keep you cozy after jumping out of the shower or when just lounging around the house.



Help her keep her skin looking bright and wrinkle free with this Trophy Skin MiniMD Handheld Microdermabrasion Device.


For the home:



This gorgeous air plant display with healing stones look great inside or out.


This cool mist humidifier and diffuser adds moisture to your air to eliminate dryness while also adding a wonderful aroma of your choosing. I have one of these and I love it.

Add this 6 pack of the most popular essential oils to give your room a fresh, clean scent. Peppermint and eucalyptus are my favorites!

A vacuum that cleans by itself without supervision? Need I say more? This is great for those whose love language is Acts of Service. I have one of these and I love it.


Need a new hobby? Grow 4 Bonsai Trees with Nature’s Blossom Growing Kit. Soil, Pots and Tree Seeds are included. Bonsai Trees are Great for indoor or outdoor gardens.


Love avocados? You could have your own tree with this avocado tree growing kit.


Beverage Lovers (beer, wine, coffee):

Does she love white wine in the summer? This Rabbit Wine Chilling Carafe will keep her favorite wine cold indoors or outdoors for up to 90 minutes. A stainless steel chilling system keeps wine cold without diluting it. Holds up to 750-milliliters (or a bottle) of wine.


Have you wife smiling every time she picks up this mug as she enjoys her tea or coffee. This is a perfect way to say I Love You even when you are not around. Amazing woman mug and coaster set OR Best Wife Ever Mug

Help her keep her morning tea or coffee warm with this mug warmer.

Speaking of tea, how about this nice assortment?

Fitness Lovers:

Beautiful insulated water bottles to keep beverages hot or cold all day long and look super stylish at the gym.


FitBit Fitness Tracker to track all those calories she is burning and keep her motivated to do more!

A ClassPass subscription is the perfect gift for anyone who loves taking fitness classes (yoga, bootcamps, pilates, spin, boxing, etc.)

Other Cool Stuff:

Has your wife or girlfriend always wanted to know what kind of dog her little mutt is? Now she can with this Breed Identification DNA Test Kit.


Or how about learning about her own heritage? Give the gift of information about her history through a 23andMe DNA Test and Personal Genetic Service.



Does your lady always lose her stuff? Introducing Tile Mate! Attach it to your phone, wallet, purse, TV remote control, bike, and anything else you lose on a regular basis to help find it immediately.

Top Gifts For Him:


Beverage Lovers (beer, wine, coffee):

On The Rocks Granite Whiskey Chilling Stones chills whiskies and other fine liquors to their ideal drinking temperature (about 59F) without adding unwanted taste or diluting the drink. The solid granite stays cold, ensuring a smooth and leisurely drinking experience.


Ice Ball Maker to chill drinks with style. Makes for a fun conversation piece at parties.


Help keep his coffee warm on his morning commute with this heated stainless steel mug with a car charger. Makes a great stocking stuffer!



Make coffee on the go while traveling or at the office with the Aerobie AeroPress Coffee Maker with Tote Bag.


For a quick cup of coffee at home, get him the Keurig coffee maker.


He’ll think of you every time he drinks his coffee from this Best Husband Ever coffee mug.


Help him start a new hobby with this beer brewing starter kit.


Make sure his beer is always cold with this beer cooler.




For The Grillmaster:

These Bear Paws Meat Handler Forks are great for making the perfect pulled pork or chicken! Includes Meat Smoking Guide Magnet too.


Fully-adjustable Grill Light attaches to any grill handle. 50,000 Hour Lifespan, Lifetime Guarantee.

He’ll never overcook the steaks again with this meat thermometer.

For Those Who Like To Clean Up Once In a While:


Your man will love this fancy razor to get that nice smooth kissable face.


And don’t forget this men’s grooming kit for all of his “manscaping” needs.

He’ll look and feel great in these super soft and fun looking bamboo boxer briefs!



For the home:

Breakfast sandwich maker for breakfast on the go.


Man scented candles for his man cave – Set of 3: Straight Razor, Leather, and Mahogany


The ultimate toilet seat. This thing is heated AND a bidet all in one. Oh and did I mention it comes with a remote?


Amazon Fire TV. Prime members get unlimited access to Prime Video, featuring thousands of movies and TV episodes at no additional cost.


Other Cool Stuff:

Has your husband or boyfriend always wanted to know what kind of dog his mutt is? Now he can with a Breed Identification DNA Test Kit.


Or how about learning about his own heritage? Give the gift of information about his history through a 23andMe DNA Test and Personal Genetic Service.


The cigar smoker’s kit:

Tree Trunk Ashtray

Cigar Cutter

Cuban Cigars



Fitness, Sports and Camping Gear


This camping hammock is built for your adventures from the backcountry to the backyard. Inspired by the kangaroo, this camping hammock will get you off the ground in a hurry, give you a comfortable, secure place to rest, and then pack up quick so you can continue on your way.

Does your man love to tailgate? He’ll be the talk of the party with this Coolest Cooler.


Golf Live Tracking System – track and improve your golf game with this tracker.