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As the founder of Couples Learn, Dr. Sarah started the practice with the mission to break generational trauma patterns by helping clients heal their attachment wounds and have healthier relationships. In her work with clients, Dr. Sarah helps growth-focused founders, executives, and creatives achieve the same level of success in their personal relationships as they have in their professional careers. Some of the most successful people are also the ones that have the hardest time in relationships. Whether the work is done individually or as a couple, Dr. Sarah knows how to help identify and heal the barriers that are keeping you from having the life AND the love you want.

Session Fee: $350 per 50min, $550 per 80min

Kirsten Siewert

With a warm, compassionate approach, Mari blends her expertise in Depth Psychology and the Gottman Method Couples Therapy to create a safe space for couples to explore their concerns and strengthen their relationship. She focuses on building friendship, trust, and effective communication, helping you navigate conflicts and deepen intimacy. Mari’s goal is to empower you with the skills and confidence to maintain a healthy, loving relationship long after your sessions together. She loves working with creatives, folks living alternative lifestyles, and those who identify as sensitive and compassionate. Sensitive to diverse backgrounds and experienced in trauma-informed care, Mari is committed to supporting you on your journey to a stronger, more resilient partnership.

Session Fee: $150 per 50min, $240 per 80min

About Michelle Liva, LMFT

Michelle specializes in guiding premarital and newly married couples through the complexities of deepening their commitments to each other by helping them enhance communication, resolve conflicts, and rebuild trust. Using the evidence-based Gottman Method and trauma-informed approaches such as Attachment Focused EMDR, Michelle empowers couples to understand and overcome their challenges, fostering a deep emotional connection and resilience in their relationships. With a compassionate and supportive presence, she is dedicated to helping couples create a strong, lasting partnership.

Session Fee: $200 per 50min, $320 per 80min

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