Online Couples Therapy

Are you feeling unfulfilled in your relationship or marriage?


Are you tired of having the same fights over and over again with no resolution?


Is everything in your lives taking priority over your relationship?


Has a betrayal rocked your relationship and made you question everything you once thought you knew about your partner?


You are not alone. Couples therapy can help. Together we can come up with solutions to make things better.

Our Online Couples Counseling Reviews

Dr. Schewitz is an incredible psychologist!

She is loving yet firm which is one of her greatest qualities. She knows how to support you and she also knows how to be very direct with you.

Sometimes the things we don’t want to hear are the EXACT things we need to hear. She actually cares to make a difference in peoples lives and help relationships thrive.

When my fiance and I went to her for couples therapy, she would always give us so much value in just a one hour conversation. She doesn’t just listen to you, she listens AND gives exercises to practice outside of the session that will help you work through any disagreements with your significant other.

After a couples therapy session with her, we leave feeling like we can actually shift our relationship in a positive direction. 

Lauren M.

5 Star Review on Yelp

As a fellow psychologist, Dr. Schewitz is my top pick when I need to refer individuals or couples who are outside my areas of expertise or are looking for the convenience of online couples therapy. 

Dr. Schewitz is a leader in our field in the area of relationships and takes time to educate both other professionals and the community on skills needed to achieve happy and healthy relationships. Though therapy can be a challenging time, she puts people at ease and leaves them feeling empowered and successful.

I am extremely cautious and picky about the other professionals I refer to, but when I send someone to Dr. Schewitz, I know they are in good hands. Whether you are an individual or couple looking for online therapy with a trusted psychologist, you can feel confident in choosing with Dr. Schewitz.

Charlynn Ruan, Ph.D.

Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Founder of Thrive Psychology

I highly recommend Sarah! She offers a safe place to openly communicate and connect on a deeper level with your partner.  The tools that she teaches are ones that can translate into any aspect of your life.  I’m a firm believer that all couples should try this out.  Even if things are great, they can always be greater.  The sessions I’ve had with Sarah are truly priceless.

Christina M.

5 Star Yelp Review

Online Relationship Counseling

We’ve all heard relationships take work but you probably didn’t imagine it would take this much work when you first got together. Everything was so easy in the beginning. Now, you struggle to find time for each other in your busy lives. Emotional and sexual intimacy are distant memories and you’re lucky if you can get through the week without getting in a fight.


You might be feeling like a failure, wondering why you can’t just figure it out and get along. Well, I’m guessing no one sat you down and taught you how to be in a successful relationship, right?


It’s not your fault your relationship is going through a rough patch. If you started a new job and they gave you NO formal training and just told you to learn by watching your superiors, do you think you’d be successful? No! You’d probably feel lost, confused, angry at your boss, and like a failure. You might even want to quit. Hmmm, is this kind of similar to how you’re feeling about your relationship right now?


So, why do we set the expectation in society that we should know how to have the perfect relationship with no formal training? It’s crazy making! Maybe, if you were lucky enough to have parents that were still together and had a healthy marriage, you learned a few things by watching them but definitely not enough to make a real, long-term relationship work. And that is not your fault.


As a result of these unrealistic societal expectations, too many couples go years without seeking professional help thinking they can just figure it out on their own. They develop toxic communication patterns, slowly slipping further and further away from the loving, compassionate, partner they found years ago and making each other miserable in the process. Almost half of those married in the U.S. get divorced. This is a broken system. But it does not have to be that way for you because you are here now, making the smart choice to seek help.

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Online Relationship Therapy

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • One of you thinks the other is too needy
  • You fight constantly
  • Your sex life isn’t what it used to be
  • Jealousy is a constant undercurrent
  • One or both of you are bored with your lives together
  • One or both of you wants to change the other
  • Minor conversations turn into major explosions
  • You have nothing to talk about anymore
  • You’re wondering if there’s long-term potential
  • You don’t trust each other
  • You’re afraid to speak up and start a fight
  • You never go on dates anymore
  • You fear you’re in a toxic relationship
  • You’re starting to notice other women/men more than before

We’ve all been there. Struggling through a relationship we thought was “the one” only to find ourselves frustrated by the conflict and starting to have doubts.


You thought you knew who your partner was but this is not who you signed up to be with in the beginning. When did your partner become this person? You knew that honeymoon phase wouldn’t last forever but you never imagined it would get this bad. You’re asking yourself “is this normal? Is my partner crazy? Am I crazy?”


When things are really bad, it’s hard to recognize your partner or yourself anymore. Your partner seems to know how to push every one of your buttons and you’re ashamed of how you behave when triggered at times. We all express our feelings in different ways. Some out loud…maybe too loud…while others struggle to say anything at all. You know you’re not perfect but, damn, your partner does not make it easy!

Fights explode over the stupidest stuff and they never seem to get resolved. You’re both scared to bring things up again after a big blowout finally calms down because the last thing you want is to start fighting again when you just got back to a good place. You don’t have the energy to go through that emotional roller coaster again. But you never really resolved anything during the fight so the resentment builds and the underlying issues still remain. You let it go but then it feels awkward and tense. You nag and bicker at each other until finally, everything blows up again and the cycle continues


Or perhaps you never have the big blowout because one or both of you are repressing how you really feel. The underlying tension and awkwardness builds and there is never any release. The distance between you two continues to grow until you feel completely disconnected.

You’re probably wondering how the hell you got to this point. You two used to have so much fun together. You were so in love. You’re still in love but, it feels different now. You treat each other like enemies rather than allies and you rarely give each other the benefit of the doubt anymore. You’re walking on eggshells and second guessing everything you say, for fear it will be taken the wrong way.


Still, you’re not ready to give up. At least not without trying everything you can. After all, you love your partner. And, as hard as this relationship feels right now, you know it would probably be just as hard to start over with someone else. And, who’s to say you wouldn’t end up having the same issues in a different relationship?

Benefits Of Relationship Counseling

Get an in-depth relationship assessment to learn your relationship strengths & growth areas.

Understand why you keep having the same fights over and over again and stop it once and for all.

Begin to understand and have empathy for one another.

Start to see each other as allies rather than enemies.

Increase intimacy and sexual desire. Bring back the romance and passion!

Recognize unconscious patterns from childhood that are impacting your relationship & shift them.

Learn communication tools that will benefit you personally (whether you stay in this relationship or not).

Express your needs and set healthy boundaries in a safe environment.

Recover from betrayal and rebuild trust.

Start to have fun and laugh with each other again instead of walking on eggshells.

Learn how to communicate effectively so that you both feel heard without having to yell or fight.

Learn research backed tools and structures to help you have a long term happy, healthy relationship.

If questioning, gain clarity on whether or not you want to stay together.

Stop bickering and fighting about absolutely nothing.

Make your relationship a priority again. Carve out time to reconnect as a couple.

Long Distance Couples Therapy

Long distance relationships come with their own unique set of challenges. One of those challenges is finding a couples therapist who can see you when you live in different places. At Couples Learn, we use a secure video chat service that allows you to connect from different locations and be in the same video chat with your therapist.


Couples Learn therapists are experienced in working with couples in long distance relationships and can provide advice and tools specifically for your situation. Therapy for long distance couples includes much of the same processes as that for couples who live together as well as suggestions for how to stay connected with one another when you aren’t able to see each other regularly.

Best Online Couples Counseling

There are a lot of choices for online therapy these days and it can be hard to know which one is best. What sets Couples Learn apart from our competition is the extensive training our therapists have in couples therapy. Many therapists advertise that they work with couples but they do not have any special training that sets them apart from individual therapists. Working with couples is an art form that takes years of practice, advanced training, and continued supervision to perfect.


A good couples therapist is able to set boundaries, remain impartial, and maintain a balance so that you both feel seen and heard in session. A good couples therapist will also give you tangible tools you can use at home to replicate what happens in session so you don’t need to stay in couples therapy forever.


Navigating the needs of two individuals while keeping the good of the relationship in mind at all times is much more complicated and demanding than individual therapy. This is why you should only consider therapists who specialize in working with couples, like those at Couples Learn.


While many therapists provide online sessions, few specialize in online couples counseling. Our commitment to the best psychological training and highest level of service is what sets Couples Learn apart. We have more than fifty 5-star reviews on Google and Yelp and more importantly, our satisfied clients trust us enough to refer their friends and family.

Best Couples Therapy

If you are struggling in your relationship, there is so much you can do to make things better. Invest in yourselves and each other and make the decision to grow together with the help of a highly trained online couples therapist. Online relationship therapy is just as effective as in-person sessions and is infinitely more convenient to schedule and attend.


One of the main reasons couples don’t seek help in the first place or why they stop couples therapy prematurely is because it’s so challenging to find time during the week when they can both be in an office together. Traveling to an office often means taking multiple hours off from work, fighting traffic, paying for parking, and then fighting traffic to get back to work or home. Having online sessions and easy online scheduling streamlines the process and makes starting and staying in couples therapy easier than ever before. #noexcuses


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