Couples Learn Employment Opportunity:

Licensed Psychologist, LMFT or LCSW Specializing in

Couples Therapy

Licensed Psychologist, LMFT or LCSW Specializing in Couples Therapy

Telehealth Position

Are you a passionate, committed, highly-trained therapist looking to make an impact in the world by changing the way people relate to each other? Are you committed to your own personal growth and development? Do you consider yourself a powerful, reliable, A-player? 

This might be the role for you!

Couples Learn is expanding and hiring new therapists to join our team and help our clients heal their relationships.

Couples Learn is a growing online private practice based in Los Angeles, CA providing online couples and individual therapy in the area of love and relationships. We provide online sessions through a secure video chat service to high functioning, well educated, diverse, professional clients. Our clientele consists of approximately 70% couples and 30% individuals from a diverse array or ethnicities and sexual orientations. Our typical couples therapy client is between the ages of 25-45, has been in their relationship 10 years or less, and is on the verge of breaking up due to repeated fighting and disconnection in their relationship. Our typical individual therapy client has experienced attachment wounding and relationship trauma and needs help understanding and healing this to have successful relationships.

This is a telehealth position so you can work from anywhere as long as you are licensed in CA.

The Ideal Candidate

The ideal candidate is an excellent Licensed Psychologist, LMFT, or LCSW who is passionate about love & relationships, experienced in working with couples and individuals with attachment wounding, and wants the flexibility and rewards of working from home in a private practice without the stress of startup, marketing, and administrative costs.

  • You are well trained. You come from an accredited graduate program, are committed to continuing education and have excellent references.


  • You are committed to your own personal growth and doing your inner work – inside and outside of this position. This includes understanding how your personal experiences, biases, cultural conditioning, and (if applicable) privilege have impacted and shaped you and how you show up.


  • You’re confident. You’re not only confident in your worth as a human, but you’re also confident in your skillset as a couples therapist. Our high-functioning, professional clients are looking for guidance and leadership. You must embody the qualities our clients want to learn and project confidence without ego.


  • You’re humble. You recognize that feedback is important for growth and you don’t take it personally. You take what serves you and leave what doesn’t fit. You recognize that everyone has something to teach you and you don’t have an ego or shame about asking for help or guidance.


  • You’re an A-player and a team player. As an A-player, you show up excited to learn, serve, and grow every day because you are part of something in service to others. You take responsibility to get it done well, whether anyone is watching you or not. As a team-player, you are thrilled to work alongside other A-players on our team dedicated to the mission of helping individuals and couples thrive in relationships.


  • You show integrity. You must have absolute integrity, honesty and transparency and be willing to protect both our Intellectual Property and our clients’ confidentiality. You follow-through by keeping your word and doing what you say you’ll do, when you say you will do it. If you need to break an agreement, you address it proactively and clean it up with us rather than hoping it will go unnoticed.


  • You are organized. You have a system to keep yourself organized and accountable and do not require micro-managing or constant follow-up after a task has been delegated to you. You set deadlines for yourself with reminders to ensure they are met. You use a calendar and have systems that already work for you.


  • You want to stay long-term. If you are trying to create an income while you build your own private practice or want to use this as a building block to creating your own practice, this is not a fit. We really want someone who desires to be a dedicated part of our growing company at least for the next several years.


  • You can afford to build slowly. Building a full caseload in private practice takes time and you are paid by the client hour. Thus, someone who is financially able to support themselves as we build your caseload to 20+ clients per week over the course of 3-6 months is ideal.


Professional and Technical Qualifications:


  • California licensed therapist (unlicensed trainees with advanced couples training will also be considered.).
  • At least 1 year experience working with couples.
  • Has completed at least the 1st level of Gottman, Imago, EFT, PACT, or other specialized training in the area of couples therapy. Must be willing to complete level 2 of this training, at your own cost, within 6 months of starting.
  • Comfortable with technology – 100% of our sessions are provided via video chat so you must be comfortable working on Zoom. All scheduling is done online, all records are kept on an electronic medical records system, and all billing is done electronically.
  • Has or is willing to purchase updated technology (laptop from 2018 or later with a built-in webcam and high-quality headphones with a mic) to provide a seamless client experience. Working from a phone or tablet is not an option.
  • Has a quiet, private place with a high-speed internet connection to work from with a nice looking, professional background.
  • Wants to eventually see 20+ clients per week but is ok with building up to that over the course of 3-6 months.
  • Is able to work 2 evenings until 8pm or 2 early mornings starting at 7am plus one weekend half day (4hrs) as part of your regular schedule. The weekend requirement is somewhat flexible if willing to add more evening hours during the week.



  • Complete free 30 min consultations for your prospective clients to sell them on you and determine the goodness of fit (these are not paid).
  • Provide 50-minute and/or 80-minute therapy sessions via video chat for couples and individuals (70% of our clients are couples).
  • Complete therapy notes or intakes within 24hrs of completing a session.
  • Track your caseload through our tracking system.
  • Manage your own schedule.
  • Maintain current license to practice in CA.
  • Maintain current malpractice insurance.
  • Adhere to ethical standards required by our field.
  • Be willing to create promotional videos and IG posts for the Couples Learn website and social media to help potential clients get to know you.

What We Provide


Set your own schedule with a requirement of 2 evenings until 8pm or 2 early mornings starting at 7am and 1 weekend half day per week. This schedule is negotiable after your caseload is full. You can work from anywhere with WiFi and privacy.

Job Satisfaction & Quality of Life

We provide you the opportunity to work with your ideal, high functioning and motivated clients without worrying how to market yourself and run a business so you can focus on the part of your work you love – helping others who really want to be helped. You get to do minimal admin work while making a comfortable income so you have time to enjoy your family, hobbies, travel – whatever brings quality and meaning to your life!


While we may not have an office where you can chat with colleagues in between sessions, we are a team and we value connection. We meet as a team every other week via video chat for training and consultation.


You get to be part of an exciting, growing, cutting-edge and highly impactful private practice which will keep on expanding across the United States while maintaining the highest standards.

Steady client sourcing

We will take care of getting you clients through our digital marketing system and providing all the structure needed for a successful practice. You will have an average of 5 new client consults per week while we build your caseload (this is a rough estimate and varies depending on the time of year).

Systems & Training

Easy to use and efficient systems to run your own online scheduling, billing, super billing, video platform, practice management software, Couples Learn domain email, etc. Training on how to use our systems, how to convert consults to clients, and case consultation with the team as needed.

How to Apply

Please complete this questionnaire and then email your cover letter and CV to [email protected]

Applications received without a cover letter or without completing the online questionnaire will not be considered.


Your Cover Letter Should Include:

  • Your experience working with couples (when, where, estimate how many hours)
  • Your advanced training specifically about love & relationships with the exact name of the training completed (i.e. Gottman L2, EFT externship, Imago L3, PACT L1, etc.) 
  • Why you want to work for Couples Learn and why you think you’re a good fit based on our job description and website.