Healing from Codependency

Put yourself first & improve your relationships by healing from codependency

Do you worry about your partner more than you worry about yourself? Do you find yourself choosing partners that need a lot of “improvements” and “fixing”? Do you keep yourself so busy working and caring for others that you never have time for yourself? Do you struggle to set healthy boundaries with partners, family or friends? If so, you could be struggling with codependency. 

If you’re ready to boost your self-confidence, set and maintain healthy boundaries and improve your relationships, then it’s time to learn how to fix codependency. At Couples Learn, we can help.

Healing from codependency? Online therapy could help

What Is Codependency?

Codependency describes a pattern of relating to others (partners, family, friends) in which you focus primarily on their needs at the expense of your own. This care for others is a beautiful quality – and one that healing from codependency would not erase. But often, codependency leads to unhealthy relationships.

Codependency may stem from being with a partner who struggles with addiction or mental illness. It may also be tied to childhood trauma or relational trauma that impacts your attachment style and your ability to form secure attachments, your self worth, and your ability to trust yourself.

Therapy for codependency can help you learn to focus on your own needs, love and trust yourself, and form healthier relationships with everyone in your life.

Is healing from codependency with online therapy right for you?

Wondering if healing from codependency could help improve your relationships? Whether you’re still in a codependent relationship or you’ve recently broken up with your partner, healing from codependency can help individuals struggling with these relationship challenges.

Does any of this sound familiar?

EMDR therapy can help you when healing from codependency

You pick partners who are abusive – physically or emotionally

Is EMDR therapy right for you when healing from codependency?

You choose partners who are more focused on their needs than yours.

EMDR therapy benefits include healing from codependency

You have a history of dating individuals struggling with addictions

Healing from codependency? You may be dating fixer uppers

You date fixer-uppers and always focus on your partner’s potential

Is EMDR therapy right for you when healing from codependency?

You tend to conceal or make excuses for your partner’s behavior

Healing from codependency? Setting boundaries is key

You tend to have trouble setting boundaries in your relationships

benefits of EMDR therapy include healing from codependency

You give ultimatums but rarely follow through with consequences

EMDR therapy could improve your relationships and help with healing from codependency

You feel like you can’t trust yourself or your judgement in relationships

Healing from codependency? Setting boundaries is key

You often feel inadequate and insecure in your relationships

Want to learn more about codependency and explore whether therapy for codependency is right for you? Purchase a replay of our codependency webinar to learn more.

Healing from codependency can be helped by online therapy

What Is Therapy for Codependency?

If you’re ready to focus on healing from codependency, then online individual therapy can help.

In therapy for codependency you’ll focus on:

  • Boosting your self-esteem and confidence
  • Rebuilding your trust in yourself and your intuition
  • Understanding what boundaries are and why you need them
  • Knowing how to set healthy boundaries in a loving way
  • Exploring how to have healthier relationships and choose healthier partners
  • Accepting your partner as they are, without trying to change them

Healing From Codependency: Boost Self Esteem

In therapy for codependency, you’ll start by paying attention to the way that you talk to yourself and about yourself. You’ll learn to replace negative self-talk with positive thoughts. And you’ll learn to stop blaming yourself for your partner’s actions.


You’ll also explore your patterns in relationships, such as choosing unhealthy or abusive partners. You’ll work with your therapist to find the root of these patterns and learn more about how childhood trauma and other traumatic experiences play a role in your ability to form secure attachments as an adult.

Healing From Codependency: Stop Enabling

When healing from codependency, it’s also important to examine the ways in which you might be enabling your partner’s abusive or self-destructive behaviors. This is particularly true if you are in a relationship with an addict. 


Do you find yourself covering for your partner when he or she makes a mistake? Do you enable their behavior or give them ultimatums without following through? In codependency therapy, you’ll explore why you enable or conceal your partner’s behavior and gain strategies to stop this pattern of codependency.

Healing From Codependency: Set Healthy Boundaries

Learning to set boundaries with romantic partners or in other relationships is often one of the hardest parts of healing from codependency. But it’s an important part of learning to put your needs first.


In therapy for codependency, you’ll work to recognize what your limits are and stick to them. You’ll work with your therapist to know when something makes you uncomfortable and give yourself permission to say no – even if it means upsetting someone. You’ll learn to value your comfort over pleasing others and regain control of your time and life.

Healing from Codependency

Healing from codependency can be truly life-changing. By working with a trauma-informed attachment therapist from Couples Learn, you’ll be able to learn how to fix codependency by getting to the root of your issues and work on improving your confidence and relationships from there.


Whether you work with one of our EMDR therapists to reduce the emotional charge of past trauma, or use individual therapy to explore and heal your attachment style in more detail, you’ll be able to put your own needs first and learn to maintain your autonomy in relationships.

Not sure if you’re actually struggling with codependency? Purchase a replay of our Codependency 101 webinar with Couples Learn founder Dr. Sarah Schewitz to learn more about how to fix codependency.

The Benefits of Healing From Codependency

Healing from codependency can help you feel at peace in relationships

Feel more calm & at peace in your relationships

emdr therapy benefits include healing from codependency

Feel safe and secure in your current relationship

EMDR therapy could improve your relationships and help with healing from codependency

Choose healthier relationships going forward

EMDR therapy can help with healing from codependency

Learn to trust yourself without question or doubt

healing from codependency can help you feel more confident in your decisions

Start to feel more confident about your decisions

benefits of EMDR therapy include healing from codependency

Feel more fulfilled outside of your relationships

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Healing from Codependency FAQ

Still not sure if therapy for codependency is right for you? Learn more about what to expect when healing from codependency below.

Do I have to break up with my partner to heal from codependency?

No. When you work with us to heal from codependency, you’ll gain a better understanding of your attachment style and learn skills to build healthier relationships. Whether you use this learning to improve your current relationship – or choose to end your relationship – is up to you. Your therapist will work with you to help you decide what’s best for you.

What causes codependency?

It depends, but usually codependency is rooted in childhood. The way we’re treated as children has a powerful impact on the relationships we choose as adults – and how we function in relationships.

If you grew up in a loving, stable household with present parents, you’re more likely to form secure attachments. But if you were the child of an addict, experienced abuse or even just felt like your emotions were not heard as a child, you may have formed more insecure attachment styles that can lead to codependency.

Is it OK to be codependent?

There are many beautiful qualities that people healing from codependency bring to a relationship. You care deeply about those you love, and often put their needs before your own. You want them to grow and improve and be the best version of themselves.

But these same qualities can be brought to the extreme in a codependent relationship, resulting in control, manipulation and losing yourself by not paying attention to your own needs. With therapy for codependency, you can learn how to set boundaries in relationships and ensure that your love and care is shared in a positive, healthy way.

How will healing from codependency impact my relationships?

When you work on healing from codependency, you’ll likely experience improvements in many of your relationships, including romantic relationships and family relationships. You’ll feel calmer, more confident and more secure with your partner, and you’ll be less likely to worry about the state of your relationship.

You may also outgrow some relationships that are no longer aligned with what you want or need and end up loving some people from a distance.

Can I do therapy for codependency online?

Absolutely! At Couples Learn we offer a variety of online therapy options. Our Los Angeles therapists are trained in EMDR therapy for trauma, individual therapy for relationship issues, Gottman Method couple’s therapy – and more.

Whether you’re looking for individual therapy online or online couples counseling, Couples Learn has trauma-informed attachment therapists who can help you work on healing from codependency.

Want to learn more about the signs of a codependent relationship and how to fix codependency without committing to therapy? Download a replay of our codependency webinar.

What is the cost of online therapy with Couples Learn?

The cost of your treatment truly depends on your unique needs, but services typically range from $175-$375 per session depending on which of our therapists you work with and the length of the session. Our masters-level therapists (LMFT and LCSW) will be on the lower end of the price range and the doctoral level (Psy.D. and Ph.D.) will be on the higher end of the price range.

Please set up a free 30 minute consultation to learn more about the rates for the specific services you are seeking.

Best Trauma Informed Attachment Therapists in Los Angeles

If you’re ready to feel more secure and fulfilled in your relationships, then healing from codependency with a Couples Learn therapist is a great place to start.

We are trauma informed attachment therapists, so we approach codependency from its root cause. We’ll work with you to determine your attachment style and help you understand how your childhood impacts your present day relationships.

We’re also pro-relationship. We believe that healing from codependency doesn’t have to mean breaking up. But it does mean learning how to focus on your own needs, accept your partner for who they are and form more secure attachments.


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