Have you ever spent considerable time and effort, picking out The. Perfect. Gift. for your partner, only to have him shrug it off as if it were no big deal? Or, maybe you worked all day, cleaning the house for your love, just to realize that she barely noticed it

People always ask me, “what is the #1 reason couples seek out your help?” Without a doubt, the answer is problems with communication. We’ve all heard that the key to a healthy relationship is good, honest communication, right? That sounds simple enough…until you actually try it. The truth

Have you ever dated someone that brings a level of emotional chaos and drama to your life that isn’t the norm for you? Maybe you can’t put your finger on what it is but something just doesn’t feel right. You are seeing red flags but you aren’t sure what they

There is a common misconception about couples therapy in that many people think there needs to be something drastically wrong in their relationship before they seek help. In my experience as a couple therapist, those that proactively seek help at the first sign of difficulties are the ones with the

What is your relationship vision? Have you discussed this vision with your partner? Maybe it’s been a while since you had a conversation like that and one or both of your visions have changed. Or maybe you never had a conversation about what you want and you both just assumed