Divorce rates are nearly 50% in our nation and more people than ever are opting to stay single longer in today’s day and age. Men and women all over the US are deciding to breakup when their relationships get tough rather than riding out the waves. Is this the

You met someone. You can’t stop thinking about them. You want to spend every waking minute with them, talking to them, or talking about them to anyone that will listen. You feel high with emotion. This is so exciting! You’ve been waiting so long for this!

When I work with couples, I like to give them concrete tools they can use to improve their relationships. One of these tools is the concept of the Emotional Bank Account. This idea was developed by the famous couples’ therapists and researchers, Drs. John and Julie

At some point or another, the topic of sex always (ahem) comes up when I work with couples. Sex is a very important part of a healthy relationship and when it isn’t working right for both partners, problems can… arise. Interestingly, some studies even suggest that, regardless of

With all of the wonderful self-help books and resources available today, sometimes it’s hard to know whether you really need therapy. Maybe the problem that you are experiencing is something that you could take care of on your own. That certainly would be cheaper!

However, there are some