If you are in a long-term relationship, chances are, you’ve said some things you wish you could take back. We all have. In the heat of an argument, it can be extremely difficult to hold back, especially if your partner really knows how to push your buttons.

Despite the ever prevalent number of cheaters in mainstream movies and television, researchers have found that the real threat of an affair over the course of a relationship is about 25%. That’s approximately 1 out of every 4 couples, which isn’t great, but it also isn’t as common

You’re getting married! It’s time to pick a caterer, a photographer, a florist, and a therapist. Hold up. Did you say therapist? Yes, I did! It turns out there are a whole lot of

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Why do many people find giving their heart fully to someone so scary? What is the fear of opening up to their partner?


In current times we’re seeing more loneliness and more unhappy, disconnected relationships. But why is this?


Three words: “Fear

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Should I Use My Insurance Plan To Pay For Therapy?

  Deciding to start therapy is a huge milestone in life. I’d even say it’s as big as getting married or starting a new job. I mean, think about it. What could be more important than committing to work on