We’ve all heard it…the relationship advice “never go to bed angry.” It seems like good advice, right? Well, yes and no. Mostly no. The only reason I say yes is because it’s possible to go to bed without resolving an argument and NOT be angry. If you know the problem

I Married an Addict. Can My Marriage Survive?

  Recovering from an addiction makes for one of the toughest challenges most people ever face.  And managing the stress it puts on a marriage can be especially difficult. Here are some strategies for navigating the journey together.    


How to Recover From a Broken Heart

  Have you ever been through a breakup and wondered if and when you will ever feel normal again? If you answered “yes” you are not alone. Breakups are hard! Sometimes, when you end a relationship, it feels like a part

So, you finally have everything you’ve ever wanted. You have the career, the spouse, the two kids, and the house. You’re living the American dream, congrats!   But, wait, why is this so hard? How am I supposed to make time for everything? Why am

Can a man and a woman (or any two people who could potentially be attracted to each other), be just friends?   This is a debate that has been going on for centuries, with some people saying yes and others saying no way. While that is