Dr. Sarah Schewitz

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Couples Learn Founder & CEO

Sarah Schewitz, Psy.D.

Couples Learn Founder & CEO
Licensed Psychologist (CA, NY, ME, and all PsyPact states)
Pronouns: she/hers
Fee: $350 for 50min session; $550 for 80min session

Dr. Sarah Schewitz is a Licensed Psychologist specializing in Imago Relationship Therapy and Trauma Recovery using Attachment-Focused EMDR. Dr. Sarah specializes in working with individuals and couples who want to have healthier relationships with themselves and others. Dr. Sarah works from an attachment perspective which means that she will help you understand and change how your past attachment experiences are influencing your current relationships and functioning. Dr. Sarah and Couples Learn have been featured in outlets such as Forbes, CNN, The Washington Post, Women’s Health, Bravo TV, Mayim Bialik’s Breakdown Podcast, and more.

My Approach & Values

Dr. Sarah has been working with couples and individuals to improve their relationships for over 15 years. She has advanced training in the areas of couples therapy, attachment styles, trauma recovery, recovering from betrayal/infidelity, codependency, and recovering from narcissistic abuse (from childhood or in your adult relationships). 

Dr. Sarah has her doctorate in psychology which is the highest level of training available to therapists. She also completed a 2 year process to become Certified in Imago Relationship Therapy, a type of couples therapy that is highly effective in helping couples improve their relationships. She is the founder, CEO and clinical director of Couples Learn where she supervises both licensed therapists and those in training to help shape the next generation of couples therapists.

Dr. Sarah helps couples learn how to truly hear, understand and empathize with one another by using a very slow, safe and structured way of speaking to one another in session. In your work with Dr. Sarah you will learn how to address conflict in a healthy way that allows you to stay connected, heal past relationship wounds, and understand how past attachment experiences might be impacting your relationship today. Dr. Sarah is also skilled in helping couples recover from betrayal, rebuild trust, rekindle romance and intimacy, improve connection, and more.

Dr. Sarah has undergone advanced training in the nuanced approach of recovering from attachment trauma through Attachment-Focused EMDR. This specialized therapeutic technique can be transformational for individuals grappling with relationship challenges that seem resistant to control or change. Whether struggling with insecurities, difficulty in commitment, or experiencing uncontrollable anger towards a partner, AF-EMDR serves as a powerful tool to pinpoint and heal past wounds that may be triggering emotional responses in the present.

Dr. Sarah uses a direct and active approach when working with clients. She doesn’t hold back from sharing hard truths, but she will do it in a way that makes you feel safe and cared for. Her work with clients combines looking at your past to understand how and why you developed the behaviors you want to change as well as coming up with tactical solutions about how to overcome or cope with your present day challenges. Sarah’s clients describe her as warm, empathetic, transparent, authentic, knowledgable, and wise. 

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We repeat what we don’t repair. I believe that most of our current day relationship challenges originate from unhealed attachment wounds and unconscious beliefs from our past. I help couples and individuals uncover and heal from those wounds to create healthy, conscious relationships.

Sarah Schewitz, Psy.D.

Advanced Trainings


  • Certified Imago Relationship Therapist
  • Gottman Method Couples Therapy (Level 1)
  • Attachment Focused EMDR (Level 3)
  • Narcissistic Abuse Recovery
  • Psychobiological Approach to Couples Therapy (PACT Level 1)

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