Going on a trip with your partner is a big deal. Stress and anxiety can run high while traveling and that may result in you having a shorter fuse with each other than usual. If you’re looking for stress free travel tips for couples, then you’ve come to the right place.

After a long couple of years when most of us were stuck at home more and not able to travel as much as we might like, many couples are eager to get back to hitting the road or the air and seeing the world.

You may be feeling like traveling is exactly what you and your partner need to rekindle your spark or have some fun. So why then, do so many couples fight on vacation? There are many reasons.

Why Do Couples Fight on Vacation?

When you’re at home, everything is comfortable and you have your routine that you are used to. While the beauty of vacation is that you get to experience something different than your typical day to day, being out of your comfort zone can also raise the anxiety levels to the point where you find yourself snapping at your partner for things that wouldn’t usually upset you.

Another thing that can cause you both to get a little testy is the sheer amount of time you spend together on vacation. Whether you live together or not, you both likely have jobs, friends, hobbies, and day to day errands that keep you busy and away from each other for at least part of the day. 

When you are traveling, you are together 24/7 or pretty close to it. This can be stressful even with the best relationships (more on that later).

Fortunately, there are things that you can do to set yourselves up for a successful trip. To make your life easier, I’ve compiled a list of 6 stress free travel tips for couples that will help make your time together more enjoyable.

Simple, Stress Free Travel Tips for Couples

Whether you’re heading to a tropical destination for a romantic week alone or visiting your partner’s family for the holidays, you can use these stress free travel tips for couples to figure out how to avoid fighting on vacation (or at least reduce your stress along the way)!

a couple enjoys a European vacation after following stress free travel tips for couples

Never Go Hungry

Food. It’s a very important part of any vacation, and if you are a foodie, it is your destination. However, even if food isn’t the main attraction for you and your main squeeze, don’t let yourselves get too hungry during the trip. This is one of the simplest stress free travel tips for couples.

There’s a reason we talk about people being “hangry.” If you’re hungry and tired, you’re not going to be in the best place to manage stress or conflict. 

Packing snacks is a great way to avoid those low-blood-sugar fueled fights, and keep the two of you, and your nutrition levels, on the up and up. 

When choosing a restaurant, try to be flexible and remind yourself that almost every menu has something for everyone. Sure, it may not be exactly what you are craving but would you rather have a decent meal with spectacular company and conversation or would you rather have a spectacular meal with an upset partner glaring at you across the table? 

Bottom line? Choose your battles wisely. Relationships trump food every time.

Try A Little Role-Play

Not that kind! What I mean here is to be conscious of which one of you takes on the role of planner, and which one takes on the role of passenger. If one person is naturally good at mapping things out and making reservations, let him bask in his proactive glory while you sit back and trust that it will all turn out great. 

Instead of ending up with too many cooks in the kitchen, designate who will be the Director of Activities, and praise his or her efforts. So what if she takes you on the dolphin tour when you want to do the waterfall hike? It’s the thought that counts and good company makes any activity fun. 

That being said, while this is one of the best stress free travel tips for couples who want a more peaceful vacation, make sure your partner doesn’t feel burdened by having to plan. Ask if or how you can support in a way that would be helpful. Most of all, try to remember that the journey is the destination.

Thinking this way can help you avoid all kinds of negativity and anxiety based on the idea that you should be somewhere or doing something other than where you are. By dividing up roles this way – and showing appreciation for the role your partner takes on – you can significantly reduce fighting on vacation.

Share Your Expectations

Some people feel a need to see everything they possibly can when on vacation. They want to plan each day in advance, get up early, go on every tour, and make the most of every day. They figure if they are paying good money for this trip, they may as well get their money’s worth. 

Meanwhile, others prefer to take it easy, wake up whenever they wake up, and make decisions about the day after they’ve had their morning coffee. 

If you are the go-getter type you may feel like your partner is wasting precious time. If you are the relaxation type, you may end up feeling like you need a vacation from your vacation! 

To avoid feeling frustrated with one another, talk about your expectations before you leave for the trip. This is one of the most important stress free travel tips for couples. 

If one of you is a go-getter and the other is a relaxer, make sure you plan (or don’t plan) days that will please both personalities. After all, travel as a couple should be for both of you! And if you want to avoid fighting on vacation, making both people’s interests a priority is key.

two women hold hands on the beach after following stress free travel tips for couples

Money Matters

One of the most common reasons couples fight on vacation? Money! Do you splurge on a five-star restaurant, or settle for fast-food? Is a luxury hotel on the itinerary, or would you rather save your cash for outings and excursions? 

There really is no right or wrong answer to these questions. It’s all about preference, your vacation budget, and what kind of trip the two of you are looking for. 

One of the best stress free travel tips for couples is to talk about these options before you are faced with making money decisions. It’s possible that you will need to compromise with your partner on some things here, but, hey, that’s what love is all about.

Space It Out

As much as this trip is about the two of you getting away from the world, even when you travel with your partner it’s also about each of you, separately, taking a break from life. That’s why it is so important that you schedule some alone time for yourselves. 

What this alone time looks like will vary from person to person. While one person might enjoy a yoga session or a refreshing swim, someone else may prefer reading time, or a latte for one. Whatever you need to recharge your batteries, do it! Your time together will be better for it.

Talk Sex

Earlier, I joked about role-play, but now I am serious. Sexual expectations differ widely among people when it comes to vacations. Talk openly with your partner about what you expect. 

If you see going away as a time to catch up on all the sex you miss due to your busy lives, tell him so! A little preparation can go a long way toward getting what you want.

Fighting about sex doesn’t make for a relaxing vacation, making this one of the most important stress free travel tips for couples.

A couple takes a photo of foggy mountains after following stress free travel tips for couples

The Bottom Line on Stress Free Travel Tips for Couples

Vacations weren’t meant to be stressful! Using these 6 stress free travel tips for couples before you leave will help tremendously to ensure a fun and connected vacation you will remember for years to come.

There’s nothing quite like seeing the world with your significant other. Visiting a new place together – or bringing your partner to one of your favorite places – can help you feel more connected and keep the romance alive.

Still, it’s just a fact that many couples fight on vacation. If you struggle with these stress free travel tips or want some personalized support for your relationship challenges, Couples Learn can help.

Contact Couples Learn to schedule a free 30-minute consultation and learn more about our online couples therapy and individual therapy.

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