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Whether you are seeking individual or couples therapy, my personalized and intuitive approach will help you attain lasting personal growth and change in a supportive and motivating environment.

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Dr. Schewitz is based out of Los Angeles, CA and has been working with couples and individuals since 2008. She is passionate about inspiring people to dream big and achieve their “impossible” through improving their life and relationships. Read More
Marriage researchers have found 4 characteristics that almost guarantee divorce (or a very unhappy marriage) when present in your relationship. Called the 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse, these 4 characteristics are toxic and must be changed if you are to have a positive, loving, and lasting relationship. Dr. Gottman is a well known and respected marriage researcher who is able to predict the outcome of a relationship with over 90% accuracy just by observing a couple for 30 minutes while having an argument. If the 4 Horsemen are present, Gottman predicts the odd are not in your favor… Read More
People always ask me, “what is the #1 reason couples seek out your help?” Without a doubt, the answer is problems with communication. We’ve all heard that the key to a healthy relationship is good, honest communication, right? That sounds simple enough…until you actually try it. The truth is that when two people come together to form a bond, they aren’t just bringing themselves to the table. They are also bringing all of their past hurts, traumas, and negative experiences as well. And it’s these latent explosives that can wreak havoc on an otherwise easy conversation… Read More